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     Are you a advocate for your health, do you love to get everything out of your day and understand that not every health issue can be resolved with a pill? We believe that health and wellness should be top priority in our daily lives. We pride ourselves on providing you the best healthcare through acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbal medicine. If you take an active role in your healthcare or want to get started advocating for your health and wellness we can create a detailed care plan to start putting you in control of your health.

     Creating a detailed care plan is just one way we are different, building trust, producing results and honesty are some of the other ways. Building trust is essential to healthcare, we believe that the first steps in a trust relationship start with meeting you, listening to you and spending time understanding your health concerns.  Lets face it though, getting results are also the reason you are here. Our integrative approach to your healthcare allows us the time to build trust and our skills and training allow us to provide successful treatments.  We are also realistic and we know our limitations, we will always be upfront and honest about your health and wellness. 

     Conveniently located in the Roseway Community with easy access to the I-84 and I-205 freeways. The clinic is located on the ground floor at 8040 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 100A Portland OR 97213. To visit the clinic or schedule an appointment please call or stop by, we always offer a free consultation on acupuncture with no obligations.

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great help with leg/hip recovery after Italy tour

Nov 29, 2014 by Retha

After an intensive walking tour of South Italy in September, I had overused muscles, fascia, ligaments, and hence, was stuck in intense pain ...
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Marathon Training

Aug 07, 2014 by G.

Training for a marathon pushes the body to its limits. Tony not only
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Bike Fitting

Jul 30, 2014 by Jen S

Tony meticulously went through a bike fitting session with me, making micro adjustments on my shoes, pedals, handlebars, and seat until ...
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